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Rovado Albums

  • 01 - Voyage Of Discovery (Extended Mix)
  • 02 - A Leap In The Dark (Keep The Faith Mix)
  • 03 - Handle It (Expressions Mix)
  • 04 - Obsession
  • 05 - Pull The Trigger (Make My Day Mix)
  • 06 - Break The Rules
  • 07 - Going Through The Motions
  • 08 - Mens Sana
I’ve teamed up with my friend and favorite musician Benno Lagerweij and we’re very proud of the end result. It’s been a musical journey through all kind of emotions and I feel we ‘captured’ them all!
  • Roger van Doorn - Sexy People (Saxophone Heleen Platschorre)
  • Roger van Doorn - Come Back To Me (Rembrandt Square Mix) (feat. Sandrah)
  • Roger van Doorn - Nightshift (Lost In Space Mix)
  • Roger van Doorn & Ray Noya - Choices
  • Roger van Doorn & Benno Lagerweij - Pursuit Of Passion
  • Roger van Doorn - U Got My Soul (feat. Sandrah)
  • Roger van Doorn - Ready For The Weekend
  • Roger van Doorn - Nasty
  • Roger van Doorn - Selfish Desires (Fretless Bass Peter Suoss)
  • Roger van Doorn - Don’t Kill My High
  • Roger van Doorn - Like A Boss
  • Roger van Doorn & Alfredo Abelia - Until The Sun Comes Up
  • Roger van Doorn - Electricity
  • Roger van Doorn - Coqueta (Dispersas Mix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Call Me
  • Roger van Doorn - Give Me A Break
  • Roger van Doorn - I Got The Feelin’
  • Roger van Doorn - We Rise
  • Roger van Doorn & Ray Noya - Morning Glory
  • Roger van Doorn - La Vida (Genio Mix) (Fretless Bass Peter Suoss)
I’ve been working hard on my sessions of house again! But like they say, hard work pays off and, volume 2 is here to stay!⁠

Just like ‘volume 1’ I switched between subgenres within’ the house scene. I’ve explored all these different styles of house music again, something I really love to do! Listening back to the album and remembering how it all came together is so much fun. Especially with the people I’ve been working with: Benno Lagerweij, Peter Suoss, Heleen Platschorre, Alfredo Abelia and Ray Noya. They did some amazing work so make sure you check out the following tracks too!:⁠

Heleen Platschorre played saxophone on track ‘Sexy People’. Benno Lagerweij played piano on track ‘Pursuit Of Passion’. Peter Suoss played fretless bass on tracks ‘Selfish Desires’ and ‘La Vida’. Alfredo Abelia played some of the plucks on track ‘Nightshift’ and the fula flute on track ‘Until The Sun Comes up’. Ray Noya played piano, synth and bassline on ‘Choices’ and ‘Morning Glory’. Thank you all for collaborating with me, you guys rock!⁠

Also a big thanks to the ones who reviewed my album beforehand and gave me the pointers I needed!⁠
  • Roger van Doorn - Life Is Better At The Beach (Ocean Breeze Remix) (feat. Denny White)
  • Roger van Doorn - Locked And Loaded (Liberty Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn - The Sign (Soul Searching Remix) (feat. Sandrah)
  • Roger van Doorn - Good Vibes This Is House (Promised Land Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn & Alfredo Abelia - Addicted To You (Infatuated Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn & Jurgen Cramer - Been A Long Time Comin’ (Tribal Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Feel This (Feel Free Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Move To The Groove (Getting Back Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Running Back (Stay On Track Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn - No Pain No Gain (Sting Like A Bee Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Get It Done (Act Now Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn & Ray Noya - City Lights (Shining Bright Remix)
This RED HOT remixed album contains mixes designed for DJ’s to get a party started! Enjoy these clubbing tracks, made from the heart!
  • Roger van Doorn - Life Is Better At The Beach (Esperanza Mix) (feat. Denny White)
  • Roger van Doorn - Locked And Loaded (Soldier Of Fortune Mix)
  • Roger van Doorn - The Sign (feat Sandrah)
  • Roger van Doorn - Good Vibes (This Is House)
  • Roger van Doorn & Alfredo Abelia - Addicted To You
  • Roger van Doorn & Jurgen Cramer - Been A Long Time Comin’
  • Roger van Doorn - Feel This (Extended Mix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Move To The Groove (Loose Control) (Extended Mix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Running Back
  • Roger van Doorn - No Pain No Gain (Extended Mix)
  • Roger van Doorn - Get It Done
  • Roger van Doorn & Ray Noya - City Lights
  • Roger van Doorn & Alfredo Abelia - Addicted To You (Afro Remix)
  • Roger van Doorn & Jurgen Cramer - Been A Long Time Comin’ (Roger’s Soulful Mix)
After years of learning how to master the craft of music production, studying skills and music theory, experimenting with different genres, creating and getting better with each new song… I finally released my first full album in 2020! ⁠

I’ve collaborated with: Jurgen Cramer, Alfredo Abelia and Ray Noya. I’m proud to say they’re all featured on this album! I loved working with these guys, the result speaks for itself so make sure you check out these tracks too!⁠

On my request, various people have tested the listening experience of this album and the reviews I’ve got were great. I would like to thank all of you who participated and you know who you are! One of them said that my 20 years of experience of being a DJ, is represented in all of these tracks, because I know what kind of music works. I guess there is some truth to that! Although not every song on this album is suited for the dancefloor. ⁠

I created each track with different vibes yet all belonging to the world we call house music. No song is alike, I have used many different instruments, drum kits and effects. I stayed true to myself and made sure I gave my own spin to different styles of house music and blending them together, styles of house like deep, beach, afro and lounge.⁠

Rovado Singles

  • Roger van Doorn - Ma Quale Idea (feat. Sara Mars)
The ‘Ma Quale Idea’ remake-project is my first collaboration with Sara Mars! We started a while back and soon after we became great friends! Besides having this incredible soulful voice, she’s also a very smart, funny and loving person, it’s been a real privilege to work with her.

As music producers we’re always looking for talented singers and musicians, when Sara came along and I listened to her earlier work, cover songs like ‘Valerie’. I knew right then I wanted to record something with this amazing artist! I’ve met Sara through my sister Claudia, when they were both staying in Spain, Valencia. When I learned Sara’s native language is Italian, I immediately thought she should cover Ma Quale Idea!

Since the 80’s, I always loved this song, which is originally performed by Pino D’Angelo. I wanted to make a remake for the longest time and it’s finally here! I think the replacement from D’Angelo’s cool and raspy voice into Sara’s soulful. sexy voice, works very well. I actually now prefer our own version!

I had a lot of fun playing the iconic piano melody and all of the other musical arrangements. When it came to playing the bass, I wanted to add something special, I always felt this bassline is the heartbeat of the song. So I contacted my good friend and co-producer Peter Suoss! I asked him to play and record his fretless bass and he did, this really make the music come so much more alive. He did a fantastic job as well…

  • Roger van Doorn - Light It Up
Developing your own sound and trying to create something new and fresh is not easy. As musicians we all strive to come up with these unique songs and hope we get acknowledged for our hard work. The truth is, although we all search for that next new sound that blows everybody away, but we also don’t want you to think we can’t roll with the sound that’s hot right now. And off course it’s fun to create something within a certain genre and go with the sounds of former musicians that were successful. We all get inspired by others, the trick is to take something known and recreate it to something of your own. All music producers are capable of this and I’m no different.

The funny thing is, if you are too unique and too far of those commercial sounds, people will not like it as much. But if you get to close to what everyone knows already you are labeled as a copycat and a sellout. It’s a slippery slope. In my experience, by playing a new song for someone, they immediately try to compare it to a song they know (‘oh that sounds just like…’). Any way, coming back to my new release ‘Light It Up’, this is a more commercial sounding song. And yes, it was a lot of fun. It took me just one day to create this! I do think it will be fun to continue creating these kinds of songs, so… the story continues. ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’. You just have to wait for my next song….

  • Roger van Doorn - Get It
So far, I’ve mostly been sharing my house jams, but I cover much more genres! I like to think of myself as an all-round producer. People who realy know me been asking me to share my other content as well, such as: my reggaeton, trap, hip hop & my film score tracks. Let’s start with something else 🙂 You see I also like to go retro from time to time and capture a vibe from the past and bring it back. So… how about some New Jack Swing?! I had such a great time making this track that it turned out pretty good, so it became an official release!
  • No Name - Roger van Doorn & Remco Hogendoorn – No Name (DeepHouse Mix)
It has no name… No Form… No beginning… No end… Or does it…?, Haha it’s here!  I colaborated with Remco Hogendoorn, another awsome co-producer. We had a lot of fun mixing this all together, ‘No Name’ will get you moving!