Actionable goals for 2021

Collaborate with more singers and rappers!

As music producers we spend so much time composing songs, often I find myself in a place where everything sounds great, but I feel like there’s something missing. Vocals. Finding a vocalist is not that easy: “What does the process look like? Where can I find someone? Am I looking for the right person? Is the track even ready for vocals?” A lot to think about…

Getting busy writing lyrics for my songs!

Writing lyrics is a form of storytelling, and writing “good” lyrics is a lifelong pursuit. Lyrics are similar to poetry, but are intended to be sung rather than spoken or read. Because of this, we can learn not just from other lyricists, but also from writers and poets. Everyone has their own tastes, it’s difficult to pin down what makes some lyrics better than others — but still, there are many lyricists who are widely regarded as particularly masterful. A good starting place is to identify personal favorites, study their work closely, and focus on developing skills. I’m also planning vocal jam sessions in the near future.

Reaching out to music blog reviewers!

It’s important to get your music reviewed by influential bloggers. Reviewers don’t just bolster exposure, streams, or sales. They build connections, help you get more coverage in the future. It can lead to other industry connections as well…

Increase Social Media Engagement!

I know I should be treating social media engagement like a dinner party, welcoming people and encouraging conversation, but it’s hard! I’m not  one of those hardcore marketing strategists. Somehow I always feel like a used car salesman. Off course I do need meaningful connections with current and future customers. I want a positive brand experience,  It’s quality i’m striving for.  I will keep working on reaching out and try to develop new and worthwhile relationships!

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